Hello, I'm Amanda G Renaldi: Real estate agent in the Lehigh Valley, Social butterfly, Arts & crafts Queen, Master-Griller & lover of all things Food. I like exploring new things & making new friends. Don't be shy to strike up a conversation! If you have real estate needs, please visit my website: www.valleyreagent.com. Feel free to pass on my contact information to friends and family. As I always say, the best compliment you can give me is the referral of your friends and family.

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This property, that property, ANY property

Real estate is a funny business. In most businesses, other people are your competition and you want your clients to stay away from their products. In real estate, we pay our competition for bringing clients. Not following? It’s simple: A buyer can purchase one of my listings or any other agents’ listings, and can still use me to represent them.

I get phone calls and emails daily from potential clients asking about listings that they saw on the internet or the paper. Once they hear that the price is too high or the property is not available, they tend to move forward in another direction and leave me behind. They want to call the agent that has the home listed directly.

Let me ask you this…. If you have your house listed with an agent, what is their job? They are supposed to get you the most amount of money for your home. If you are purchasing a home with an agent representing you, what is their job? They are supposed to get you the most amount of house for your money. If you call the listing agent directly, how can they represent you AND represent the seller? They can not make both parties happy. This is called dual agency. It is perfectly legal in the state of Pennsylvania, but in my mind, not completely fair for the parties involved.

If you call an agent for information on a property, give them the opportunity to assist you. As a real estate agent, we have access to anything that is listed on the mls. Even if there’s information that we do not know, we can research it and find out.

If you or someone you know is looking to purchase or sell real estate, please contact me.


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Orange-Scented Olive Oil Cake Recipe

I love anything citrus. This sounds like a great recipe. I’ve never heard of adding olive oil to dessert, but hey, why not! Orange-Scented Olive Oil Cake Recipe – http://pulse.me/s/5BMXe

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You never know when…

You never know when that person you contacted months or even a year plus ago will contact you because they’re ready to purchase. I just had this happen with a client that I showed a property to more than a year ago. I can’t tell you how good it feels to see their loyalty. I did my part by contacting them off and on to see if I could assist, but they are the ones that contacted me when they were ready. Let’s get the ball rolling and find their dream home! Agents, never discount clients, just because this isn’t the right time for them. I have contact information saved for every single client that’s ever contacted me. I touch base with them periodically to see if I can help them out. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t… it’s always worth the call though.


If you are looking to purchase real estate, or rent a property , contact me, I can help!