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Vacations with PlatinumClubGetaways.com

My husband, Frankie, and I went to the Dominican for our honeymoon in November of 2011. We stayed at a resort named The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, in Puerto Plata. We had never been to the Caribbean prior to this trip. What a vacation! We stayed at the resort for 10 glorious days.

Some of the key things that we enjoyed about the resort were Ocean World, horseback riding, the Casino, The Spa, the all-inclusive food and beverage, and the insane Welcome Party. Ocean World is a mini Sea World and zoo. You’re able to walk around to see all the wild life, feed lover birds, and can up grade to swim with the sharks, play with sea lions, feed stingrays, or swim with the dolphins.

We both absolutely loved the views when we went horseback riding. I will warn you, your backside will be sore for a day or two, but it’s worth the pain! Our tour guide was simply amazing. He took pictures of us and of the scenery, since I was petrified to let go of the reigns, haha. He gave us background and history of the area and taught us how to gallop. I would do that excursion again in a heart beat! The Casino provides both gambling and live shows for guests. The Spa… if you want relaxation, this is the place to go. While we were visiting, we met a great couple from South Philly. We took such a liking to one another, that the girls had a spa day while the boys went golfing. Sure, it may have been an attempt to get a few holes in by the boys, but the trade off was in our favor! We bought a package that gave us time in a relaxing hot tub, following by a steam room to pull out toxins, then a sea salt scrub down, and a massage. We were wrapped up in some kind of moisturizer at one point, but truth be told, I can’t remember what that part of the process is called. My skin had never felt so soft! The Welcome Party is offered to all guests of the resort. It consists of an all you can eat buffet of any type of food and beverage you can imagine, live entertainment, a spectacular fireworks show, all while we’re dancing under the stars. The all inclusive package is not required, but financially, it makes sense. This is an average cost of $45/person per day. It includes every morsel and beverage that passes your lips, both at the buffet and in the restaurants on the resort.

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Most of our days were spent in one of two locations: Serenity Beach or the VIP Pool. Serenity’s name says it all. The white sandy stretch of beach offers queen sized beds, canopies, and hammocks, perfect for lounging. There is no need to pack beach towels, as they are provided by the resort, at no extra cost. Servers walk the stretch of the beach to bring food and beverages to the guests at their whim. It’s purely heaven. The VIP pool offers similar amenities.

The only thing that can possibly top this luxury treatment, is the smile that they provide with each request. Each person is more friendly than the next. They beam gratitude that we are providing them with jobs and money for their families.

I’m not sold quickly and take some convincing, so believe me when I tell you that I can’t say enough good things about this resort.  We loved it so much that we became members. The membership is similar to a timeshare, but we are able to book stays at any one of their 3000+ locations across the globe, at any time, for whatever length of time that we choose. We can also take family members, which is a leading reason why we purchased the membership. The flexibility, low cost, and the fact that we can sell them to others (from any location in the world) convinced us. If you have any questions about accommodations that they offer, please email reservations@platinumclubgetaways.com or check out our website, www.platinumclubgetaways.com. We also have a facebook fanpage. We offer some pretty competitive rates. I’m sure you won’t be upset with the luxury accommodations that are offered. We hope to be assisting you in booking your next getaway soon!


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